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Nonprofit organizations often have unique needs when it comes to implementing a CRM solution. While for-profit businesses are focused on engaging customers and convincing them to buy products or services, nonprofits have the task of trying to sell ideas. Whether it’s humanitarian, political, environmental, or anything in between, selling ideas is always a unique challenge.

Businesses typically use CRM to communicate with prospects who are considering purchasing products and services for their own benefit. Nonprofit organizations use CRM to communicate with supporters and donors to convince them to invest in something that may never benefit them directly. This difficulty is often compounded by the fact that most nonprofits operate on very tight budgets.

To be successful, organizations that depend on donations must understand what issues donors/volunteers care about most and direct than their efforts to the appropriate donors.

  • Managing members, donors and beneficiaries
  • Containing costs through efficient processes
  • Complete view of donors and sponsors in a single interface
  • Increasing fundraising & commercial activities
  • Reporting with ease for performance insight & governance compliance
  • Developing positive social sentiment towards your organisation
  • Event management
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Non Profit Solution Features

Membership Management

Understand your members and help nurture long-term relationships with full membership management and history to gain a holistic view of your supporters. Features include recurring donations, automatic renewals and reminders, tracking membership sign-ups to source campaigns and activities as well as flexible payment management.

Income Management

Use Dynamics in combination with Power BI to gain actionable performance insight to identify areas for improvement and support reporting compliance.

Automated Direct Debit Processing

Our unique Direct Debit module automatically creates and updates Direct Debit mandates and payments in CRM.


Fundraising & Donation Management

Gain complete visibility over your fundraising and donations with dashboards and reports for quick insights. Easily drill-down to see Giving history showing average, largest and recent donations as well as Total to Date for each contact or organisation. Streamline your fundraising management with guidance through the seven stages of solicitation.

Marketing & Communication Management

Group campaigns and communications for full marketing and appeal reporting. Discover which communication activities are the most effective and find out who is most receptive to your appeals with enhanced data segmentation. Use reporting to analyse budget spent, funding generated and exploit this data so future activities continually improve.


Ox365 Portal integration

Easily integrate your Umbraco CMS website using our CRM connector, Harmony. Harmony allows real-time data from your CRM to be surfaced on your website, allowing members to view and edit their information, sign up to events, donate online and much more – ensuring all data is automatically updated in CRM.

Keeps Employees & Volunteers Connected

Access Microsoft Dynamics over the web and via multiple mobile and tablet devices to keep your employees and volunteers connected around the world.

Plus all the Dynamics 365 features

As well as taking advantage of all these features, you gain all the benefits from Dynamics 365, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook and SharePoint integration, an intuitive and familiar user experience to help increase user adoption, powerful reporting and much more.

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